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Kelvin Kinte


Producer, Director, Writer, Editor, Photographer, Cinematographer, and Colorist

I’m a self-taught professional filmmaker and photographer. My first foray into cinema was on the film “Straight Outta Brooklyn” in 1989 as a grip. From 1991-1994 I made my first feature film, “Gotta Be A Better Way” which was a finalist for the Gordon Parks Film Awards for Best Director. The film was featured at Clark Atlanta University and the Mayfair Theater in Ottawa, Canada. In addition, I worked as a Photographer for the Independent Filmmaker Project. In that endeavor I photographed Spike Lee, Ed Burns and Martin Scorsese as well as a number of other notable names. 

My other contributions to the arts include directing and producing “The Poets”, “What’s Going On”, “Reparation Now”, “Unsung Heroes” and “To Dance in Paradise” between the periods of 2000 thru 2008. The picture books that I have created are “Eye on the Scene” and “Japan”. One of the photographs taken in the Japan picture book was published in “Colours of Asia” in 2013. My most recent work is “The Girl from Harajuku” completed in 2018 and filmed on location in Tokyo, Japan and Oahu, Hawaii. The preceding picture book for the film was published in 2017. Future projects include “Black Money”, “Point, Squeeze, Bang” and a new picture book “Japan Two” which will be completed in 2018.  Currently, we are producing a documentary titled “Our Aunt J” The Nancy Green Story. The documentary is about the life of Nancy Green who was the first African-American spokeswoman for the Aunt Jemima pancake brand.




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